Facepalm worthy modifications/repairs.

Their is a fairly large list for my car. First the Amazing power steering delete:


I removed the pump, cut off the part of the line that bolts to it with lock cutters and hammered out a hole, connecting both sides. I than used electrical wire to hold it from getting eaten by my uncovered timing, waterpump, and tensioner.

Next the Pro transmission cooler:

Used the supplied line and covered it with the AC isulation and duct tape. Note the roundabout routing, there was zero space.

And lastly,”ram air intake Bra”:


Prior to this the intake took air directly from the wheel well. I took ancient unused septic pipe and bolted on an end to a vacume, there is also a large mass of wire and black magic holding it on.

Frankly Im not proud of these modifications, but they work. There are more,”wow” modifications but I’ll spare you.



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