As I questionably use my decently quick work network, what's your workspace look like? I finally got my workbench in, perfect standing height, I love it. A stool would be nice, but I don't need it just yet. There's a couple small L Brackets behind the toolbox to make sure it doesn't get pushed off the back as well, I just need to sort out something to hold the display in place as the bench is on wheels and moves around where I need it to be. I have a small power unit mounted under the front of the bench with 8 outlets on the back and one on the front, as well as a front USB port for easier phone charging. Not sure how much easier my bench could be. And I have a POE injector mounted on the back wired and ready for whenever I need a POE port. I use a long ethernet cable (probably 25' or so) to connect into the racks when I do the basic setups isolated from everything else.


What's the mess of wires on my laptop? I have to use a Windows 7 VM for firmware updates on the hardware so what gets done is I use the ethernet port to share my wifi network to a little router mounted underneath the back of my bench. Then I reconnect to that new network using the USB to Ethernet adapter in the VM, so I can work on a separated network while having full internet access (some gear wont save settings without internet access, but I need to isolate the equipment I'm using so the programmers down the hall don't get mixed up with the hardware. The TV isn't anything special when my laptop is plugged in (actually looks pretty bad), but it's just a test display for having a VM separated or when I need to connect a receiver or other piece of gear. Works well enough.

All my tools fit and I have plenty of space leftover for some little things I keep on hand, and I have spools of wire on a rack right behind the bench as well for everything else I do.

Here's an example of a current job I'm working on:


My department is making great progress in the 3 months (and 1 day!) that I've been here.

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