What if instead of having a President and VP, the population just directly voted for the secretaries (secretary of state, defense, treasury, etc) who would run the various departments of the federal government.

Since the VP acts as the speaker of the house does, but for the Senate. The new leader of the Senate could be either decided the same way the speaker of the house is, or could be voted on by all senators.


Veto power would be given to the secretaries, any two secretaries could veto any bill regardless of the subject.

Now as for who’s going to assume the more diplomatic and figure head functions of the President, that would be the Secretary of State since that’s already part of that job already.


Ideally the point of this would be that it’d allow voters to vote on more specific issues that they’re knowledgeable or passionate about without having to compromise with a package deal. Meanwhile a system like this would potentially reduce the importance of things like personality and image, since I think people would be less likely to vote for Secretary of Treasury based on “how much they’d like to have a beer with them” than the President. Since each position wouldn’t get nearly as much attention as the Presidency. I also don’t think politically disinterested people would feel as obligated to vote. Since a bunch of Secretaries sounds way less important than The President and wouldn’t get the same media coverage The President gets. And again, if they’re only interested or knowledgeable in one or two fields, than they can just vote for those couple positions and not care about the rest.

And lastly and the bestest reason.

Voting for more people = moar Freedom = MOAR GOODER.

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