As a careful observer (or someone driving past my house when the doors are open) will notice, I have three cars and two garage bays. The plan has always been (even before I bought the third) to put the RX-7 into storage before snow falls, and pull it out in the spring. During the winter, I would tend to the Chevelle’s much needed bodywork / rust repair.

However, as winter draws near, I am not prepared to do the bodywork. The one thing it needs more than bodywork is the engine rebuilt (burns nearly a quart of oil with every tank of gas) - but this is something I’d sort of want to do while I had the front clip off anyways, so I can clean and refinish the entire engine bay alongside cowl and fender rust repair.


How un-prepared would I be? With the transmission swap spiraling over budget and schedule, I haven’t been able to get the big air compressor I’ve had my eye on (which would be able to keep up with bodywork). Not like I’d have been able to get it in the corner either, with the car immobile. I also don’t have my own welder, which I’m still saving for (Miller 215 - buy once cry once, right?).

That said, it may be best to wait until spring or so, when I’ll finally have the equipment I need to be able to pull the engine, repair the rust, clean everything back up, and get it back together (and likely have another year like this where the Chevelle accumulates <100 miles).

I am now considering that I could, instead of the RX-7, put the Chevelle into the storage unit I have lined up. The second garage bay would house the RX-7 over the winter (the Crown Vic is in the first bay - I spent enough winters parking outside to really not want to do it again, especially with a heated garage!).


Essentially, in the original plan the RX-7 would have gotten some suspension/steering work done in the spring (it’s pretty tired). My consideration would basically swap this with the Chevelle’s work, and the RX-7 would spend the winter getting the oil leaks tended to, the steering and suspension rebuilt with new bushings, joints, etc. and other such work. This is work I am completely equipped to do.


Another benefit of this is that, come spring, I won’t be pulling the fun car out of storage and immediately taking it off the road and apart - it would be ready to go that first spring day that the snow has melted and the salt been washed away. Hopefully.

What do you think, Oppo? Put the Chevelle into storage and wrench on the RX-7 in the winter, or store the RX-7 and hope that I am able to get anything done on the Chevelle over the winter?

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