Showtime! - Project Prelute Part IX

This past weekend went pretty well with the Prelute taking two awards in its first show! Small show in its inaugural year, and as far as trucks went I don’t think there were more than a couple of “us”, but an honor nonetheless and a very educational experience. [Wild category: major body or engine mods.]


There was a fair amount of cleaning and other prep work the day before, but one of the most satisfying parts of prep day was finally peeling off the plastic protective film on the diamond plate to reveal the shiny goodness underneath. Other than that, the car was shown pretty much as it appears in these pictures.


Key takeaways for future shows: 1) I need a front lip and 2) I need to think more carefully about rims and stance. A fellow Honda nut and owner of a sweet’91 NSX thought the ride height was acceptable for a truck build, but while the TL Type S rims were great for daily driving, they weren’t quite show quality.

I’m mulling over rim choices now and and aiming to try out a new setup over Memorial Day weekend. Trying to stay true to the overall spirit of an OEM++ build and choose something that Honda (or at least a Japanese OEM) might conceivably choose if they attempted such a build for SEMA...

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