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Shrike Commander Aerobatics. Then one engine... then Dead Stick. Bob Hoover.

This is the best Bob Hoover video I’ve seen.

If you are unfamiliar with Bob Hoover, please give it a watch.

He took a cabin-class executive aircraft and did loops, rolls, and other aerobatics with it. Then he did it on one engine. Then he did it on none, dead-sticking it back to the airshow and managing energy to arrive precisely at show center.


I had the privilege of meeting him and speaking with him at the base of the control tower at Oshkosh one year, and that’ll stay with me forever.

He was also a fighter pilot (with Chuck Yeager), test pilot, and who knows what else. Just a great guy, and an amazing pilot. Sadly, he lost his medical a few years back, but I hear he still can fly in Australia.

I’d fly with him in an heartbeat.

Here are a couple others.
How about rolling the airplane while pouring iced tea?

And his last airshow. :-(

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