My 3 year old Beagle mix started throwing up Wednesday night. She coughed up her entire dinner, and then anything she tried to ingest afterwards such as water. Thought maybe she had some sort of dog flu or something. Then she kept throwing up all night. She seemed to be acting alright Thursday morning, except she wouldn’t eat her food.

I get home from work Thursday afternoon, and she had eaten some of her food....and then thrown it up all over the couch. I decided a trip to the vet was in order, as it is entirely unlike her to turn away food or treats. She wouldn’t even touch boiled chicken and white rice.


As it turns out, the brilliant animal ate a rock at some point. The rock passed through her stomach and got lodged firmly in her intestine. The doc told me that immediate surgery was the only option for treatment. Lovely. So I sign the paperwork (estimated cost of $4,000-5,000) and tell them to do whatever they have to do to take care of her. As I’m signing the documents, my bank calls. They had suspicious fraudulent activity on my card at a gas station in Ohio. It was suspicious to me too, as I have not been to Ohio in over 10 years. They tell me they have to shut the card off. Awesome.

Anyway, I worked out funding on credit, paid the $2,000 deposit, and pup went into the surgery. Got a call two hours later, and the surgery went perfectly. They got the rock out in one piece and she was sleeping off the anesthesia. If she recovers well today, I can go pick her up tonight (they have to keep her for 24 hours for observation.) Now, all I’m thinking about is going through my backyard on my hands and knees and getting rid of any rocks I find.

I’m also going to make her wear a sign from her cone of shame that says “I cost my parents $5,000 because I’m not smart enough to avoid swallowing big rocks.”


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