Day three of feeling really crappy... Its a slow all-over flu-like thing that started about a week ago with a sore throat and minor head congestion, then it moved down to a cough-y and heavy congestion thing, and then it got all fevery and sneezy and achy and the last two days I’ve had digestive crap too. I wake up feeling hungry, and then the first thing I put in my stomach (coffee, so that probably doesn’t help) goes of like a slow bomb and I eat saltine crackers and eggs just to get something to stay down, and then by the end of the day it all gets riled up again and I feel like I wanna barf from about 7pm until after midnight. God forbid I should have orange juice! Still fevery. No energy, but I can’t lay down or fall asleep because my guts are in such a riled up mood... I’m done with this shit. I haven’t been sick like this in a long time.

Image approximates how I feel...

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