Right, then...

So last week (or maybe the week before) I was looking to get a Sienna Limited as I recently had a shitty road trip with too much shit in the car for comfort.

I like the Sienna and it solves a lot of problems...but those problems occur - maybe - 2 to 3% of the time. The rest of the time, it’s just me. So, after calming down (and waiting a helluva long time for the auto buying service) I thought about it and have shifted to an Outback 3.6R Limited.

I figure, for the times I need to travel with a lot of shit, I can get an overhead rack (within reason) to create some space inside. I like the 3.6 as it can tow up to 3000 lbs, which is convenient as I’m also looking for a pop up tent trailer (which are well under 3000 lbs). MPG is not expected to be much different than the XC70.

My question is: What are the issues with the Outbacks? I know about oil usage and the head gasket issue (or not...I’ve also heard that’s not been an issue with the H-6).