So, a friend of mine goes on his first date with his new girlfriend last night. He still doesn't own a car, so he takes his mom's Pontiac Torrent. Him and his girlfriend are all set to go to a steakhouse of some sort (probably Outback or something, I have no idea). Welp, that ends up being too crowded. So, they're driving around randomly. At a stop light, they proceed to make out. What happens? His foot slips off the brake and he rear ends the truck in front of him. REAL SMOOTH. Why he didn't throw it in park or wait a couple minutes, I don't know. So, that happens, his mom's car has a hole in the front, he's given a ticket and a court date so he can try to not get any points on his license. He probably won't even buy a car for himself now, since their insurance is probably going to be fucked.

After all of this, what does he treat his girlfriend to? KFC. Yep, KFC. Doesn't that sound like a great first date to you?

So, yeah, now I have three friends who have gotten into a car accident. Fun times.