So the annual subscription to carlink is up next month for the Stringbean. It lets me remote start/lock/unlock my car from anywhere in the US from my phone. Its a great backup in case you lock your keys in the car or just as a fun novelty. The best feature though is getting text message alerts anytime the alarm goes off.

Here's the problem, it's wrecking my battery. Probably not if I drove every day but I quite literally drive it on Friday evening and Sunday for a max of 20 miles. Monday - Thursday it sits. Because of the security system and data system always talking and waiting for input my battery is drained.

I installed a quick release for the battery to pop off on Monday mornings but that resets my stereo settings which are specicially tuned. it's not much to recover but a nuisance. If I do forget to unplug it will be dead in just a few days. The old interstate got replaced by an optima red top so I know it's fine and the alternator was recently replaced too.

i think it's just become a novelty though because nobody is going to steal anything from a 10 year old Sebring. Sure [I think] it looks nice but there are far better cars to target and crime isn't a problem in my neighborhood.


So should I keep the system and the cool points, maybe set an alarm so every Monday morning I unhook. Or should I pop the fuse and be done with it?