I like Buells. This is not something new.

But i’m starting to find that Buell guys (with the few exceptions) are some of the most stubborn assholes you can imagine. anything that’s not a Buell is a cookie cutter rice rocket with a squid on top who can only read a spec sheet.

Maybe its because i’m spending too much time on oppo. Maybe its the canadian in me trying to be nice. In either case it bugs me how quick these assholes jump to put down the ‘rice burners’.

Am I insane? I want to defend the jap bikes because well shit, someone has to. But at the same time, that would probably get me kicked out of the group, and frankly,. i do want to get my hands on a Buell at one point, and those guys are my best bet. (not to mention when shit hits the fan, they have the know how to fix it)

have a buell Id like to own for listening to the canadian rant.