Blew the head gaskets on my way to work. Is anyone surprised? No. More after the jump.

Might be time to drop the motor out, tidy up the engine bay(brake line clips broke), refill the trans with redline(been needing it for a year), replace the steering rack, and do a water pump and timing belt while I’m at it(did it 2 years ago But I don’t trust that pump).


The car has been running hot for a while now and I was just blaming the gauge cluster but I was wrong. Did a pull from 4-5 And near the end of 5th it stopped pulling and started sounding rough. As I got to the side of the road the coolant was boiling, and tons of white smoke from the exhaust. That was at 3am,(work starts at 4am with a 90 mile commute) I spent the next 2.5 hours limping it home 1/2 miles at a time because aaa couldn’t be bothered.

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