As you may recall (or not, I don’t take it personally), about a week ago I discovered the rocker studs were missing for the heads on the 383 I’m building for the Chevelle. I picked up some appropriate ARP studs from the machine shop late this week so that I could finally measure for pushrods and get to wait for those to show up.

This afternoon I mocked the head up, screwed in the studs, and...

Look closely - three imaginary bonus internet points to whoever can identify the problem before reading further.


They are bottoming out in the head about .075" before they even touch the guideplate. I’ve contacted the machine shop I’ve been working with (who spec’ed and provided these studs) to ask “wtf” and figure out what to do about this.

Nothing’s easy...

(Also at this point getting this car back on the road before winter this year is pretty well a pipe dream; recall it was supposed to be done late spring/early summer, then mid-summer (because budget) but has just been one problem after another).


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