Well, I threw the decals on Monday night so we’re officially official.

So I was set on driving the Jeep to work the next day since people keep stopping by my office asking when they can see it. So I hop in, drive out of my neighborhood to the first intersection aaaaaaand, it dies on me. Tried starting it up again, but it just wouldn’t turn over. So there I am, stuck at am intersection. It was bad enough that I was stuck in at an intersection in a dead Jeep in school traffic (theres an elementary school down the road from me), but even worse that I was stuck at an intersection in a dead JURASSIC PARK JEEP in school traffic. finally after several tries I could hear the engine slightly turn over so i applied a little gas and it started going again. Thankfully theres a parking lot on the other side of the intersection, so I pulled it in there just to have it die on me again. Keep in mind that I’m literally a block away from my house at this moment. (which, now that I think of it, could’ve been worse.) So I get out and check my battery, cables and whatnot. nothing out of the ordinary. Try starting it again and, nothing.

So I call Roadside Assistance and they get me a tow truck. But right after I got off the phone with them it started right up again, no problem! WTF.

I call back and cancel the tow and head straight back home. So now the real fun begins to where the issue really is. I have 3 possible reasons


1. Spark plugs (obviously)

2. Air Filter (incredibly dirty)

3. Fuel filter (wouldn’t hurt to be changed)

So I get home from work and start wrenching change all the spark plugs and clean the air filter, then let it dry naturally overnight.


Got up this morning, installed the cleaned air filter and the jeep started up perfect, got out and looked at the engine, tested the throttle and everything seems to be running fine. However, the check engine light is now on. I might need to let it cycle for a little or I have Compys in my crappy 90's Chrysler electronics.


 We’ll see.