An average price hike of $5,000.00 for Mazda.

I posted something similar to this with a prior article but it applies here, too.

My main fear is that smaller manufacturers may end up leaving the U.S. Take Mazda, for example. I own two of their recent products (and have a loan on one), so the company’s future here is of some interest to me.

Mazda is already a tiny automaker with tiny sales. They manufacture their cars in Japan, and more recently, Mexico. If Trump slaps tariffs on the Mexican-made cars, that will either force Mazda to raise the prices of those, or move all production back to Japan. I don’t think they have the R&D money to open a U.S. plant.


Producing and exporting here from Japan is already expensive, and will probably become even more so. If the budgets don’t make sense, I could see them giving up here in the USA – a la Suzuki in 2012.

Subaru, the other tiny Japan automaker, has it a bit better since they manufacturer some cars in Pence’s home state of Indiana.


Anyway, if I’m left with two orphan cars with zilch resale value and hard-to-find parts, I’m not going to be a happy camper.