Thanks to the group running a 30% off discount last minute, I have just signed up for a track day at Buttonwillow on this Friday. One whole week earlier than I originally planned for my first track day with the car! It is a grand total of $104 for five 20 minute sessions. I’m gonna make some good use of my Toyo RR tires and nice new alignment and corner balance getting done tomorrow. I also just ordered my g-loc brake pads from 5x racing but those probably won’t arrive until next week. I will run on street pads for this event I guess, but it wouldn’t be the first time for me. At least my brake fluid is fresh and I’ll get new street pads to murder at the very least.

Ideally with it being a Friday and the group having to hand out such a great deal to get attendance up, there should be a pretty wide open track! Should make for a good day, even though I have to wake up at like 4am to be there with my tires on by like 7am.


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