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Signed up for the PCA track day at Texas World Speedway

I promised myself I would go because of the impending closure, and because it is only an hour away. I know as soon as I go I am going to regret not going to it before this.

It's a full weekend with the Porsche Club of America, and I will be there heretic there with a slow Mustang. Should be fun though, I think over an hour of track time both days with an instructor. We will see if I have the instructor the second day though. If anyone in the Houston/College Station area is going to come out to oogle pretty cars, let me know. I will post up some car pornz and video afterwards.


EDIT: So I just decided to look at the roster for the event, and there are already over 40 people signed up for my run group. So I will probably be wait listed. God damnit.

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