A few weeks ago the topic of rental cars came up here and a few people suggested Silver Car. I had a trip planned for Denver so I looked into it as well. Being under 25, the major rental companies charge stupid fees, so Silver Car saved me $70 compared to a Yaris over the five day trip in Colorado.

The Silver Car Experience

The experience with Silver Car began with our arrival into Denver. The Silver Car app linked to a phone number to text them to alert them we were on our way and told us which shuttle to get on. It was a bit of a long shuttle ride, about ten minutes to their location but we got dropped off at their indoor lot to see about ten silver A4s. A guy met us outside the door, checked my license and credit card, then walked us to the car. We had the option of a roof rack but with only two of us in the car I preferred to fold a seat down and keep everything in the car. The guy briefly walked us through the navigation system and we were on our way.

When our trip was done, we set the preset return location in the gps and went back to drop the car off. We drove in, left the car, the guy scanned the QR code on the window to check it back in, and we were done. Within a minute I had the receipt emailed to me confirming the cost and staying how much the gas charge was (they charge gas station value plus five bucks which is awesome). Overall the experience was phenomenal, if the cost is ever within the range of a normal rental I will gladly pay a little extra for this in the future.

The Car

Overall, my opinion of the A4 was that it was enjoyable but nothing too special. The ride is nice, not as sporty as a 3-Series and not as comfy as Mercedes. The acceleration I think was good, but it was really tough to gauge because the experience was a little numb. The turbo engine was very valuable to have at elevation though, it easily out accelerated most cars on the on ramps. Also due to the lack of feel, the car was amazingly easy to lose track of speed. If I was doing 80 and took my attention off the road to change a radio station, I’d quickly hear the preset alarm go off as I sped past 85 mph. By far my favorite part of the car was the 8 speed ZF transmission. I was able to do a lot of driving downhill using only the transmission for speed control.


I did get the chance to take the car for a drive up Pikes Peak for a little enjoyment. We only got to go sixteen of the nineteen miles but it was still well worth it. My wife and cousin were extremely nervous with the height, so I didn’t get to come anywhere near pushing the car but it was still fun as a relaxing scenic drive. Coming back down I was able to leave the car in first and it just sat at 4k rpm and about 19 mph the entire way down the mountain with barely touching the brakes.