Silverstar/HID headlight "bulb" epidemic continues... forever

Customer: Hey, do ya’ll sell them light bulbs that are super bright? On my wife’s truck they put dem light bulbs in it that made them bright and blue? LED’s right?

Me: Like, and after market LED bulb or after-market HID kit (ballast, bulb, etc)?


Customer: Nah I think they just put a bulb in it. Is that the ones they sell at O’Reilly.... Silverstar? Cause they cost like $50 for the set just like her lights. Do ya’ll sell Silverstars here?

Me: Well, we sell just OEM bulbs here

Customer: OEM, yeah it was something like that, 3 letters.

Me: Well, i’m talking like factory lighting. What kind of car do you have?

Customer: I gotta 2004 Mercedes, 4 door

Me: Ok, what model?

Customer: It’s a 2004 4 door Mercedes-Benz. 500 E

Me: Oh ok, do you have the last 8 of the VIN

Customer: What for, it’s just light bulbs?

Me: I have to check what your vehicle has as some 2004 E-class have different set ups and pricing. The VIN # on your insurance card if you have it

Customer: Oh ok yes *pulls out insurance card*

Me: *checks info, turns out his car has factory Xenon* Sir, is one of you headlights out?


Customer: Nah they fine, I just wanna get the one like my wife’s Silverado. Like kinda blue-ish.


At this point I explain that she probably has 5000K or 6000K after market Xenon kits and showed him some pictures on Google in which he confirmed the type of light. I explain his car already has factory Xenon and we only sell factory items. He says he’ll go to the tint/radio shop they got the ones for the Silverado and see if they could make them bluer.

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