A while ago I decided I want to build a racing “sim” setup, since, well, I want to.

Things got busy and so I haven’t really been able to start, until now. Thanks to the wonders of the internet and Christmas, I finally have a seat suitable for pretending to race in. This is enough (along with the wheel/pedals/shifter I got a while ago) for me to start putting this thing together. At this rate, it’ll be done just in time to have to take it apart to move in the Spring.

(Not shown: In the closet behind the seat, my 3D printer is making parts for my real car)

So far, progress has consisted of putting the sliders on the seat and thinking about how it will go together. Like most things, I want this done right and done well, but I’m still trying to be somewhat cheap. Any input along the way will be appreciated.


Next stage is figuring out how high the surface of the seat should be, relative to the pedals, and how much further from the front of the seat the pedals should be than the wheel. Also where the wheel goes, verically. Basically, where everything goes still needs to be figured out. I haven’t even consider the shifter mount yet.