Assembled here are the best Oppositelock posts from last Friday through Sunday. It includes the Toyobaru, car and music enthusiasts, BRZ vs. used Cayman and cars that don't get enough love - the e21.

The Toyota GT86, A Step Short of Greatness? - carwitter


Rear-wheel-drive, lightweight, 200bhp, 2+2 seating, and a proper manual transmission. These are qualities I want out of a sports car. The back seat is perfect to carry an extra set of tires for a track day. The chassis has enough potential mechanically to exploit the limits of the car in an enthusiastic fashion. Around the Orange County area, I see quite a few of these cars on the road. But, is it a step short of greatness? Read more…

Cars and music are kind of alike, aren't they? - BlazinAce

Yup, cars and music, very much alike. And that's probably the best way to explain your passion to non enthusiast freinds. Seriously, try it next time, it works! Read more…

I just bought a BRZ! Don't tell me I should've bought a used Cayman - Gatsby's Ghost


After six months of considerate, contemplative car shopping, I've just bought a slow, thrashy-sounding Subaru that doesn't have AWD. Its back seats are useless, its interior is just on the right side of 1996, and it is 63 bhp down on my last ride (the totally bonkers 2nd-gen Mazdaspeed3). Yes, the Scibaru Chimaera gets a lot of hate here on Oppo for all these reasons and more! And by more, I mean specifically, it gets bashed for costing the same as a used Cayman but not being as good. Read more…


Cars that don't get enough love: BMW E21 - Janx38

If the alphanumeric "E21" doesn't ring a bell, I don't blame you. The E21 is the unloved and forgotten middle child of early BMW sports sedans. Sandwiched between the iconic 2002 and the legendary E30 the first 3 series is mysteriously absent from the enthusiast scene. Read more…


My First V8 American Car - Ford Crown Victoria - carwitter


Something struck me funny when I first saw it. It's not my usual type of car. I had owned three Mr2's in the past, but this time I wanted something different. Eventually, I had made my choice. I took home a gray, 2006 Ford Crown Victoria, the Police Interceptor edition. Read more…

Chasing Die-Cast Cars (A New Forum And Going International!) - Jeff Simmons

Hola, fellow die-cast addicts! The biggest news, this week, is of course... Hot Wheel Exchange Program now has its own forum! We're excited to get up and running, and we've already had some quality posts. Read more…


The Forgotten Car Cellar: 1956 Babich Lenigrad - -Amateur


Sometimes a car gets lost to the passage of time. But like a fine wine, some only get better with age. Introducing the car you never knew you wanted, the Babich Lenigrad. Read more…

Friendship or the German Mystery Mach 1 - Mark Linde

I'm not a huge fan of the 1971-1973 Mustangs. I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with those model years, but I'd place quite a few other Pony/Muscle cars from the 60s and 70s before them on "my list". Still, the sad pictures of the Mystery Mach 1 make me want to adopt and nurse it to former glory right now! It hurts me to see the car sitting there abandoned and it pains me to know that with every day that passes a recovery will be more and more difficult and expensive. Hopefully it'll be saved before a restoration will be futile. Read more…


Honda Civic Tourer Review – Even more Civic - carwitter


Honda released the Civic Tourer Concept in March 2013, low and behold it's now sitting on our driveway! We loved the 1.6 i-DTEC engine in the Civic hatch that we tested last year, so we went for the same power plant once again. The 1.6 litre diesel lump provides 118 BHP and a whopping 300 Nm of torque, to help keep things feeling peppy. 0-60 is dispatched in 10.5 seconds. Read more…

Sittin Waitin Wishin: 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab - JonathonW8

Do you want luxurious back seats? Do you want the capability of going wherever you please? Do you need 10,000lbs of towing ability? Well sir or Madam, have I got a deal for you! Right now, I want you to head on down to JonathonW8 retail, motel, hotel, boats, and trucks for the most epic of Crazy deals! We have this brand spanking new Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab and it's the perfect truck for you! Read more…


The Best of the Rest


J. David Buerk went to Katie's C&C where Zach Campbell attended his first event. Twinturbobmw took photos at Portland C&C, also video, as did Audi For Life and Ratteface Blouses. Mark Linde found a very clean Opel Kadett B. Cherry_man1 went on another car cruise (more photos). Gpivovarov attended C&C Boston, as did CrzRsn. Skif6996 saw a Morgan Three Wheeler. MPA drove 288 miles to nowhere. NoahthePorscheGuy shared pictures from a track day. 55Buick took pictures of this abandoned cars of Bodie, CA. Ricepuddin photographed his 'murica mobile. Labcoatguy used a film camera for some Swede pictures. CodyVella reminisced about his Sunbird. Speedmonkey bought an Audi TT. Jbh went to the Jalopshift party. SubiSanchez posted more photos from the Long Beach Grand Prix (part 2). AncientOfDays fixed some more of his AMC Eagle. Battery Tender Unnecessary bought a Fiesta ST. Yamahog cleaned her bike. Nosek attended Scottsdale Penske C&C. Brian Silvestro went to the NYIAS and his dad bought a Civic. JayhawkJake shared pictures from Cruisin Against Bruisin (part 2). Roflcopter worked on his Volvo's engine. K-Roll went to the MSU car show. AthomSfere took photos of his car. Motorsport Jedi went to Hunt Valley Horsepower. VincentvanCabrioW showed off his Cabrio. RotarylessLover took pictures of his NC.

As always, If I've missed something and you would like me to include it, let me know.



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