Or, did the really take you that long to shove a paper clip in your clutch?

No, seriously. Car has been out of commission for over a year now, just due to life being the torrential bitch that she is. I finally get time to swap the starter, get excited, turn the key, nothing... Well fuck. Not the starter, not the immobilizer, not the fuseable link, not any fuses, hell, let’s try the clutch safety switch *click*

Yeah, it still didn’t start. BUT that’s most likely due to the dead ass battery. New one is going in after payday, and that *should* solve my problem since the starter at least clicks now. Oh, and I have to either jump and tape the clutch switch out of the way, or buy a new one, and find an old 4runner with the clutch bypass switch and wire that in.

I swear to God one day I’m going to sell all 4 cars, suck it up, and buy 2 brand new ones. Until then, Saab needs a ton of work, MR2 needs suspension and AC (just the little things right?), 4runner needs to not die before 300k, and I also bought an 03 Taurus for $80 so I can flip it, it’s been sitting in a parking spot 40 minutes away since some enterprising genius jumped it backwards and now it needs an alternator and battery.