I’ll be brief - on Sunday when I got back from taking the RX7 for a post-wax drive around the block I noticed a new CD-sized spot on the floor of the garage under where it had been parked for the prior week - but where it would have been under the rear end. A quick touch-n-sniff confirmed it was gear oil. That spot wasn’t there before (of all the things that parking spot’s previous occupant leaked, gear oil wasn’t one of them).

Last night I put the rear up on stands and checked - the diff was incredibly low. It wasn’t empty, but I feel really bad having driven on it (possibly the whole way from new york) with such a low level. I’m concerned for my bearings. I cleaned off the housing (which was so covered in oil it had clearly been leaking for a long time) and put about 2/3 of a quart of 75w-90 left over from the Chevelle’s axle (it was still low).

Today after work I stuck my head underneath and verified it was coming from the seal between where the housing and the differential carrier (it’s a ford 9" style where the diff is on the third member, bolted into the front). Bummer, I said, since it was leaking a lot and that would be a pain in the butt to fix.

But wait, some quick google-fu said that a couple people on the forum had been able to crank down those bolts and slow or stop similar leaks - it’s worth a shot. There are 8 bolts that hold the third member to the housing.

One was very tight.

Three were snug.

Two were finger tight at best.

Two weren’t even finger tight. I’m amazed they hadn’t fallen out.

They’re all tight now, and I sprayed off the housing again. Hopefully tomorrow evening there’s no drip forming.