Simplify and add brightness.

The headlights on my 2003 Tundra are absolutely atrocious, and my friend was recently complaining about the headlights in his 2006 Sienna, so I picked up a set of AC Delco replacement bulbs. Upgrade time!

The Toyotas came factory with 9006 bulbs. 9006 are okay, but newer bulbs put out almost double the light at the same power rating. The 9006 bulbs share the same electrical socket as the 9012, commonly referred to as HIR or HIR2. With some slight modification of the base, a little trimming of the ears, the 9012's are a direct swap for the 9006.


Not all bulbs are the same. There is a wide variety of quality across the board, and knock-off fake bulbs are all over eBay and Amazon. One name that stood out time and time again as a top rated bulb is the Vosla 30+. These are German made bulbs with some of the best light output available n a street legal bulb. The GM bulbs, boxed as AC Delco, just happen to be the Vosla’s.

Now price. Silver Star 9006's run about $40/set. Philips and Osram higher output bulbs are also $30-50. The AC Delco Vosla’s? $19/bulb on Amazon..... Or $12 each at RockAuto.


For $26/set we’re getting OEM life out of 130% increase in light that’s basically bolt-in.

I’ll post some pics tonight or tomorrow when I get around to the installation...

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