I got my new eyeglasses. I custom ordered them with Trivex lenses due to it's light weight, impact resistance, and high Abbe value. The new frame is a half-frame in black anodized aluminum, while my previous frame was titanium.

The new pair weighs in at 17g, while the previous pair which had high-index 1.67 lenses weighed 23g. It doesn't sound like much, but for something that I have to wear all day in order to function, it adds up pretty quickly.

So far, so good. I can tell a difference in the clarity of the Trivex vs. the high-index plastic, even though some have said I shouldn't be able to. Off-axis color separation is virtually nil.

Also, yes, I am effectively blind without my glasses. My right eye astigmatism makes contacts unworkable - I've tried them.


I'm holding out for Adam Jensen (Deus Ex) style eyeball replacement implants, although at this point I would even be tempted by Batou (GITS) style implants.

EDIT: flipped image due to nonsensical Kinja crop.