Here is a rally Subaru for your time. Anybody have any Netflix suggestions for me to kill time? I've been binging on Psych, and the wife likes watching Sherlock. Other than that I've watched some Top Gear and Futurama.

Had my gallbladder removed last week. It was outpatient surgery, so I was only at the hospital from 7:00 to around 15:00. My sense of time is pretty foggy from the anesthesia and painkillers. They sent me home with some big Motrin and some good stuff too. I've managed to stick to Motrin for the day and only take the good stuff to sleep at night. It makes me too loopy during the day and I don't like that. Recovery is going good, but I can't lift anything over 10 pounds for a while, and still feel pretty tender. Turns out you use your stomach muscles for a lot of stuff.

TL;DR Had gallbladder out, all is well. Painkillers make me loopy.