Simplify and add loudness

Yesterday I decided to have a go at installing the new exhaust on “deathtrap” my SV650. I’d been hesitating for a while for two reasons. First off I didn’t really want to hack off the stock exhaust, I’m really used to cars so the idea of a new exhaust not simply bolting up to existing flanges was kind of alien to me. Second, I didn’t want to make the bike too loud, lord knows my neighbors put up with a lot already from the FR-S.

Anyway, last night I “finally hit fuck it” and took a trip to my favorite toy store for some new kit.


Gotta say, in hindsight I wish I’d gone with the larger electric model but I have air so generally try to prioritize that over other types of tools. I am so glad I didn’t attempt with a hacksaw though. That would have taken forever!

After some awkward cutting angles and cursing due to my pigheaded refusal to remove the exhaust and cut on the bench, I finally cut the last piece holding on the scratched to hell, heavy, ugly stock muffler. I actually didn’t realize there were two concentric pipes so I actually had to cut the whole perimeter twice.


Anyway, really glad to see this thing go away, it was the last big piece left over from my crash last year and the bike looked a lot worse for it. Looks way better now!


Mandatory ricer fly by video!

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