In an effort to get healthy not die early get some sick lap times I have made every car I drive 45 lbs lighter over the last year. Mad!

Like many Opponaughts I love to eat. Hell ... I’m a magical construct made out of melty cheese and spicy pepperoni! I know some of you are tackling similar issues and I just wanted to offer encouragement. You can do it!

My doctor really wanted me to reduce my LDLs so I started tracking my calories, keeping them to about 2k a day and only eating between noon and 8:00pm. Over the course of 6 months I lost 40lbs and my LDLs went up.


Ugh! Well I got the sick lap times I guess. I’m going to keep these eating habits up though and hopefully I can get off the BP and Cholesterol meds and live a long life of annoying my children.

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