I did something last night I've not done in a long time. I raced an Indy Car on an oval on iRacing. The DW12 just came out and the first week of the season is at MIS. iRacing offers two Indy Car oval series. One is a fixed setup series. With limited time I went for that. Holy crap that was insane.

Just how insane you ask? I started 5th of 25. I didn't get a good jump at the start and dropped to 6th. MIS is wide. 4 or 5 lanes wide. With the fixed setups locking the tools that would normally assist with the car evolving as it comes up to speed or as tires wear the setup is conservative. At a wide open oval like that it creates pack racing. However, with the amount of draft benefit it creates massive runs and insane racing. On lap 2 I got a massive run on 5th. Went inside. 4th was far enough inside that I was able to go outside of him... but I got such a run on 3rd I had to then jump up another lane as we went 3 wide with me on the top into turn 1... on lap 2. The next lap I fell back to 5th as the top 4 went a staggered 4 wide through turn 1. 4 went in 3 and a half came out. One of the cars ended up leaving sideways. That same car then caught air and went over. I think 4 or 5 cars drove under him. I found myself in 2nd place.

Eventually after the restart I was fighting for the lead for a number of laps and I had to lift and got ran over. No real damage, but a pit for fresh tires and a new front wing and I had to move from 24th through the field as much as possible. I made it to 13th before getting bumped in a corner going half sideways saving it and dropping to 17th before climbing back up to 15th.

Decision making at 230mph when cars ahead of you are also making decisions about what line to follow and where to go... crazy.