Hi Oppo! Yes, I sometimes post and comment from this disaster area.

So I have this old iMac in my shed. I also have an old JVC mini system in there. But it has no aux input. So I jammed in a tape adapter from back when I had my ES300 and ran an extension from there to the iMac. Also needed a WiFi extender inside. I use this to stream tunes to the yard. Bring on the 7! Pics inside.

Extension cord in the back of the computer
Here’s where the extension cord meets the tape adapter. Sometimes I unhook it and plug in an iPod.
The old mini system. The 3.5mm jack is an output. The cord for the tape adapter is jammed in the cassette door, but it works OK. Sometimes it sticks and the system decides it has reached the end of Side A and it is time to reverse the tape. That makes the sound fade for a minute until it flips back again. The speakers are up on a ledge above that sits behind some screening and points the sound out into the back yard.
Potato pic of the shed that all of this lives inside.


This crazy setup gets used quite a bit to fill the yard with music while the kids play out there. I could just use a phone right into the tape adapter to stream, but I like to keep my phone in my pocket while I watch the kids. Come to think of it, I probably have an old phone or two laying around that would also work, but I have the iMac in there anyway. I tell myself that it is so I can look up repair manuals while I work on things, but really I end up just sitting on the stool drinking beer, reading Oppo, and watching old episodes of TopGear instead of actually working on any of my projects. Anyway, photo of my old ES300 where the tape deck used to live for your time. Sadly this is the best one I have of it, but hey it was 2006 and digital cameras weren’t handy all the time. Oh and damn right it was a 5MT.