Since I have a history with road tripping these home, who am I road tripping this home with?

That’s one strange looking BMW. Oh wait, it’s a Lexus! Have you lost your mind? I thought you only liked BMWs? No? Well, ok then. So why exactly do we find a Lexus in tonight’s edition of unnecessary car shopping with E90M3?

For starters it comes with this:


It only produces 2 more hp than the S65B40 in my M3, but it produces 76 more ft-lbs of torque. It is noticeable. They both feel about as fast, but they go about it different ways, where the M3 screams the IS-F bellows.

This IS-F is finished in the same Smoky Granite Mica paint as ORLG’s IS-F. It is also a 2011 and has done around 10k more miles but is a little cheaper. Speaking of ORLG, the reason I was looking at this car in the first place was because I was going through my saved carmax saved searches. I saved a search for IS-Fs when he was looking for his so I could help.

For 32k, it’s not a terrible deal. So are we about to have another road trip with E90M3 and another IS-F owner on oppo?


For those of you wanting to know what it’s like to go on a road trip with someone you met on the internet:


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