Since I Was In the Neighborhood

The only (used) Exiga GT for sale on the island was a u-turn away from me as I was driving home from a meeting. So of course I made a u-turn.

It’s got a bit of a ‘stay far away’ vibe to it in person.

Here’s the ad:


For starters -It’s shoved at the back of their property with its ass in the waist high weeds, and I somehow missed in the online photos that there is no Navigation/TV/DVD/Audio unit. (In person I saw the gaping wound, and thought I should recheck the ad when I got home - audio is not listed as an included feature.) The salesman practically ran to start the car as well so no looking at the oil or anything, but every car I’ve looked at here has been running so I don’t think that’s trying to hide anything.

As it was drizzling I only snapped a couple of interior photos (sorry for the quality, iPhone + rain is my excuse)

It’s totally fine that there’s a piece of insulation from the underbody chilling in the car, right? and where is that plastic panel from...


Oh, it belongs to the arm rest for the middle row. I’m really curious as to why it is off. It didn’t look broken so it seems like they took it off.


That is a lot of ripped... leather??? Again the rain means I didn’t get a good photo, but I thought it was pleather while the ad says leather (according to google translate). Also check out the counter top faux marble encasing the switches.


Not pictured is the rusted alternator, nor the smell of stale gasoline exhaust fumes.

All this goodness is currently lowered for New Years to a mere ¥480,000.

Except this is Japan so it’s actually ¥692,100 (Funny, that’s the price in big letters on the windshield, so maybe the big sale is just making all the typical add-on fees a-la-carte instead of bundled), and that number includes a 3 month warranty of the AC, Transmission, engine block, heads, ecu.


If I’d like a 12 month warranty the price is ¥749,200, and that warranty includes everything in the 3 month plus the turbocharger.

So yeah, I’d be looking at ¥749,200 for that 2008 Exiga with 100K km on it.

That was a nice dream while it lasted. Maybe something from Honshu sometime in the future.

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