I’m was actively a surfer for 25+ yrs of my life, dormant now but still have a board. Here is a photo of a print of my old surf car. This 1973 Saab 99EMS was bright yellow with black stripes. The round driving light replaced a fog after I hit a large bobcat. For the photography geeks this was likely taken with my old Vivitar 220sl with a 50mm 1.8f on Kodax Plus-X. I developed and printed it myself in a college photo class. I know recently a few Jalopnik and OPPO have been playing with 35mm film. Its great what you can do with it and in later years has actually come back into being more affordable. I’m looking into breaking out the old cameras and scanning my negatives into the computer instead of getting prints. I didn’t sepia tone the picture, this is how the aged paper came out under a regular tungsten bulb.