Since it is BCO Monday...

... I want to share a story from where I work that you all may laugh at. It's a popular Mexican style restaurant spread throughout the U.S. where the food isn't shitty but it isn't top of the line either. That's right, it's Chipotle.

One Saturday night a while back, I had to work a late shift that ends right when we close. It was about 9:45 and I'm excited to get off after having to deal with some of the dumbest customers that day (for some reason, a few Chipotle customers are not very bright). On the front line, we were out of quite a bit of stuff: Carnitas, Barbocoa, steak, medium salsa, and sour cream. After all, were about to close (10 pm). Just then, right at 9:50, we get a call asking when we close, only to have a bus pull in the parking lot at 9:55. A wrestling team comes in, with at least 20 people, and they are yelling, screaming, and cussing. The coach immediately finds my manager and the first thing he asks her is, "Since there are over 15 people, can we get a discount?" Really? Not even an apology for coming in late? Anyway, my manager is pissed. She at least gives them free drinks.


Now, they start to order and they all order quesaritos. 20 quesaritos. Each one of them wanted steak. The grill person JUST closed the grill only to fire it all up again in order to cook steak. Thankfully, the steak took like 7 minutes to cook. So, the steak gets done and they all get double meat just so the grill person has to cook more steak. The entire crew is pissed the fuck off now including myself!

We get all the steak done, they're quesaritos made after having to hear them complain about us not having steak or sour cream, and now the coach has to pay for everything. He had a tax exempt card, and by had I mean he didn't have it on him at the time and didn't have the number. So, he decides to make calls to find the number. After another 5 minutes goes by, he gives up and pays the amount with the tax after my manager politely explains she already gave them free drinks ($60 worth of free drinks). The coach bitches to his team about us not wanting to even try to get tax exemption, and they are all looking at us like we are the devil. Well, not past 25 minutes after we closed, I finally get off. I kind of made my own food since I was kind of hungry and didn't want the crew to even think about a spoon.


The wrestling team gets done eating, and they leave. No tip, no thank yous, and obviously no wherewithal of how pissed we are. Instead, they leave their trash, napkins, the aftermath of "rice bombs," and salsa art along half of the lobby. We, to this day, hope and pray they never come back in.

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