It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted mine, so here’s a few progress pictures.

How it was when I bought the house:


Looking the other direction, a wall:

Then my design in Ikea’s software, I ended up opting to not go for cabinets over either side of the stove:


Wall out, beam in, floor partially torn out (1 layers of laminate, 2 of vinyl tiles and one of plywood), floor wasn’t salvageable, opted for tile shown in later pictures:


From there, I continued putting in cabinets and somewhere in there countertops were delivered and installed, I went with Antarctica by Corian (composite solid surface). Below the while cabinet next to the sink is a dishwasher, I’m a big fan of the hidden look!


Some small amounts of progress have been made since these pictures. But this is roughly where I’m at. On the todo list is:

  • prepare walls for backsplash
  • install backsplash
  • patch drywall on ceiling
  • drywall the beam as well as the new columns supporting it
  • fix up all the baseboards
  • figure out lighting (can lights + pendant lights)
  • paint
  • figure out something to do with the hole under the microwave, I’m think I’ll just install a cabinet door. It’s about a 21 inch hole, so there wasn’t a cabinet available for it, I’ve got access to a table saw, so I’d be able to cut a door down and then figure out a way to mount hinges.

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