Gave the CX-5 its new shoes on Saturday:

Here’s a pile of work I had to do on my day off:

And the reason for said work:

Note the cracks and stuff. OH! And I fixed my 3's rear breaks... AGAIN


The holes where the rubber boots and slides go through on the rear calipers were so full of corrosion that they were pinching the slides so the pads were dragging. TWO TECHS where I work couldn’t figure it out/clean out the corrosion so I made a tool to do it:

A few minutes later and they were as free as a new caliper would be. If you want it done right, do it yerself, eh?


Then I noticed that my previously damaged rear bumper was a bit more floppy than normal, and I found that #5:

Which attaches to #4:


Was not attached. BECAUSE IT RUSTED OFF. So I zip tied it. Meh.