I wanted to make sure that I shared the learning experience with everybody. I went shopping for Toyota Centuries again on goo-net, when I came across a rather interesting Toyota product. It’s called the Toyota Origin.

It has suicide rear doors like an old Lincoln Continental.


It has wood on everything, including the control stalks.

It’s even got GPS navigation and radar guided cruise control.


And under the hood? You guessed wrong! It’s the 2JZ-GE! That’s right, this baby has a silky smooth straight six under the hood! Which means it is rear wheel drive too.

I’m reminded of that article Torch wrote about what JDM products Toyota could have brought over to save Scion, and in the end he mentioned the Century. But why? Look at this thing! Look at the back of it! It’s gorgeous, it’s modern, it looks different than anything else on the road, and it’s limited edition. Like, a one year 1,000 vehicle production run, limited edition. You can’t tell me that if your local Toyota dealership carried something like this, you wouldn’t be in there tomorrow. I would. This thing just shot up to the top of my import list. I mean, I’ll have to get a V12 Century to tide me over but come 2025, I must have one!