Let’s lead off with a doggo on a boat! Not my dog, not my boat, but it was a nice ride down Blind River (yeah, that’s a place in Louisiana). The dog decided to take a swim break when we docked. She’s trained for duck hunting, so it wasn’t a problem. Well, except that she caught the attention of a local alligator. It wasn’t a close call, but that gator stalked us until we left.

Now for some chores. Among the things on the laundry list for my wife’s Explorer was new front brakes and rotors. I ordered the parts and got started.

These are a slight upgrade from stock.


My son did a lot of the work, even though it really isn’t his thing. It’s so wet around here, all rotors flash rust every night. These have been sitting for about a week.

All swapped out and ready to be broken in! We took a quick ride to break in the pads and pick up some ice cream. He doesn’t know it yet, but his next chore is to clean the car. Those wheels are dirty!