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Here’s the story about why I’ve never competed in autocross.

So the first time I went wasn’t anything very interesting. Showed up early and when going through tech failed me for not having a battery tie down. Have plenty of time people the event starts so I go to a few parts stores nearby, but none of them have a tie down small enough for the tiny battery in my Civic. It’s still early in the day so I decide to leave and enjoy my day as I normally would.


Second time, I come back with a tie down. Pass tech and since it’s my first time decide to work first so I can watch everyone else do the course first.

It had been raining earlier that day (it was the PNW) so the course was damp. The event was held at an old airstrip and there was kind of a side area that had much worse pavement than the rest of the course. Anyway the course started with a slalom and then opened up, before a big wide turn going to the rougher pavement where the course tightened up considerably.

Anyway. Someone in a SN95 Cobra was coming in off the big turn onto the rough section, spun out on the first or second sharp turn and went into a ditch and flipped over once or twice, the car landing on it’s roof.

He was alright, outta the car before the first corner worker got to it. But then they shut the event down since they deemed the corner and conditions too unsafe.


After that I was either to busy to make it out there or if I had the time I figured a meteor would hit or zombies would come outta the woods before I’d get to run lol.

Also a funny bit. There was another guy there in a yellow Genesis that spun out halfway through the course and then held everything up for 5 minutes looking for his phone, while stopped on the course. Then on his second run he spun out and went off and smacked against a tree caving in his passenger side door.


He got banned after that.

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