Since other people are posting their tracks for the FP contest and asking for suggestions on how to improve them, I thought I might do the same. Here is the write-up that went along with the image:

One time I was driving Sac Int'l Airports roads and I realized (with a few of the one lane roads widened) it would make a pretty cool track! It's got a cross over like Suzuka, it has elevation change, 270 degree on-ramps, a pit-lane already built in as-is, the possibility for multiple layouts (I have two drawn in this image), the surface is ridiculously smooth, The parking structure for terminal A could be the paddock, there's cambered sweepers, you could have it also run out onto the tarmac, it would be AMAZING! Plus it has some very cool scenery with the trees and such. Also it seems to be a gearhead thing to turn airports into awesome racetracks! (e.g. Sebring, Top Gear Test track, innumerable runways that have been turned into drag strips, etc...)

The red route would be the normal route, the green an alternate, and the blue are chicanes suggested on Earnhart Dr. in case Health&Safety decide that sweeper is too fast. (The image has also been rotated 90 degrees, so North is facing right.) The route is also traceable in Google Maps, so you can see the elevation change.

I'm open to critiques, and I'm a big boy, so you don't have to go easy.