Here’s an upcoming plan for my Integra I wouldn’t have otherwise posted.

I’ve decided this, for how I’m going to do the tint. I’m going to attempt to DIY a clear UV reflector on the front windows, since fuckups should be much less obvious. If that goes well, then I will proceed to do a 35% tint on the rest of the car, (JDM yo!) If I do fuck up the clear coat, I’ll try as many times as I can with the amount of clear coat I’ll have. If I can’t get it right than I’ll get the rest tinted professionally and I’m assuming after multiple tries I’ll be able to get the clear UV blocker done to an acceptable standard.

That is all. Well I’ll be doing a little PSA and what I did today post later, but no shitposts from me today!

Update: I’m just going clear UV protection all the way around. Because I could order a pre-cut kit for less than buying the 3M brand stuff for just the fronts.