Please allow these tracks currently infecting my mind to spread to yours! I’ve looped these songs so much I have to be over a thousand or two on plays combined. Some are prolly NSFW so take that into account.

I love every song in S2 of Songify the News, but I’ll choose just one to get stuck in your head.

A more normal song, yeah, that’s it. I listened to this a lot while looking for bikes on CraigsList.

No? Uh, what about this? This is another one of my CraigsList searching songs.

Aha! What about what’s been my scooter anthem?

And finally, the most current song stuck in my head. I’ve played it on loop so much (I have to be in the hundreds by now) that YouTube is basically recommending me nothing but remixes for it. I really like the fox girl, does that make me a furry? Halp!


I don’t even play League of Legends (what is even League of Legends??) but I’ll be darned if the songs are catchy as heck.

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