Since y’all are kinda like family

Thought it would behoove me to keep you in the loop vis-a-vis my wife. Despite constant pain and a surgery on Wednesday she graduated this morning with her BA in Accounting.

That surgery, like all other things we’ve went through over the past 7 years, did not find any explanation to the constant pain. On our doctor’s recommendation she is being admitted to the University of Colorado Research Hospital. We pushed the admittance to Monday so she can enjoy her graduation - she has enough pain pills to get her through till then - in hopes that a team dedicated to her situation may prove more fruitful than going from specialist to specialist.


I’m incredibly proud of her for all she’s accomplished despite her health. I just want to see her healthy again; she deserves it. For the first time since gof knows when I’m hopeful. Hopeful this team will see, from the big picture, something the specialists have missed. I’m hopeful that she recovers from whatever this is and can again live a full life.

Yeah it’s off topic but I ain’t care. I love y’all like family, for one reason or another, and choose to tell you this because of it.

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