BMW OEM style 219m off the E9x M3. My E90 is the same gray (sparking graphite) as the cars below (added 1M for awesomeness)

My car is identical to this besides the lip. I also don't have chrome window trim.

I like them, especially with meaty tires. Do you guys find them too aggressive for an otherwise stock car?


I'll likely end up lowering the car about 1.5" all around, I could use a new spring/shock combo soon. I thought about coilovers, especially with how nice KW street-comforts are, but they're overkill IMHO.

Sparkling graphite looks great when clean, it's hiding its purple flake.


Dat concave!! I'm still debating whether or not I want to run a staggered 18x8.5/9.5 with an aggressive offset, or if I just want a square set of the 8.5" which guarantees trouble free fitment. Ideally I'd rather not have to run spacers or roll my fenders, which makes the square set more desirable.

Wagon love!!


That 1M I promised..