I'm doing a ton of rust repair on my truck and will need to paint it afterwards. The thing is, the truck is in bad enough shape it will never be straight enough to be worth doing a high quality paint job on. So my plan is after rust repair to bang out the dents as best possible, give it a skim coat of bondo to get stuff reasonably straight and paint it.

I want it to be a dark hunter green, I was originally thinking rustoleum either rattled canned or sprayed with an HVLP(I have never done any gun painting).

I have since discovered These single-stage acrylic kits for under $120:

Eastwood '69 GM Fathom Midnight Green Metallic 96 oz. Kit

Summit Racing Equipment® Acrylic Urethane Paint Combo Dark Jade Metallic

The question is, for such a quicky paint job over marginal bodywork, am I going to get a measurably better finish spending the extra money on the kit? Any other advice would also be appreciated.

Some pics that make the truck look way straighter than it is: