“Valentine’s Day” is a shitty Macy’s/Hallmark holiday. But worry not! Every day this week, K-Roll is gonna show you how much money you can save/spend instead of thinking about how much you despise your perceived ForeverAloneness, or try to. Today, let’s see what you can buy if you don’t have a wedding!

The interwebz tells me the highest average cost of a wedding in the US is about between $19k-35k. That’s an assload of money to stand in front of people you may not know, but they all know damn well you’re gonna hit the Tail of the Dragon that night. So what cars could you put in your garage instead?

If you want something new down low, $19k will get you into a basic Honda Civic Coupe. $35k up high will get you into whatever pony car you want with the wrong engine, or a base Mustang GT.


But I’m not you! What else could you get within the cost of an absurdly expensive prelude to “bow chika wow wow”??


Or maybe I won’t do this every day. I’m not sure why I even did this. And I don’t care! I think?