Sirius/XM "No signal" everywhere

The perfect storm nightmare of two my least favorite companies, Sirius and Honda, has finally come true! :D

We canceled our XM service after 3 years of relative consistency, took a hiatus, but are looking to re-up. So I went online, found a promo deal, and spent over an hour on the phone with them trying to get it working. All we get is “no signal” on every station, no matter how many times they refresh the code.

Finally, the third agent (a “Level 2" type of tech support worker) said the only remaining option is to take the van back to the dealer. I’m reluctant to do this because a lot of people across different makes/models have talked about doing hard resets of their HUs to make this work, and that Sirius will always recommend the dealer as a lazy CYA for themselves.


On one hand, it’s weird that a fully enclosed piece of electronics (on a non-German car) would just die after just four years. On the other hand, 90% of the problems we’ve had with the van are HU-related, so it’s not totally crazy.

Any experiences/advice before I go drop my drawers and worship at the altar of Soichiro throw myself to the mercy of the technicians? 2015 Odyssey, FWIW.

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