Sister of fhrblig needs a car

Her 2007 G6 convertible that she bought several years ago is starting its death rattle, though she’s gotten a whole lot of miles out of it. She recently rented an Outback and loved it, so naturally I’ve been sending her links to purple Challengers. (I know what she likes. I happen to like them too.)


On the more serious side, I did suggest a Regal TourX to her. All she’s ever owned were GM cars so it’s not really a stretch. Problem is, it’s even longer than the Outback (by about 8 inches), and the parking lot where she lives is really kinda narrow. It’s putting her off of the Outback, even.


Any suggestions? She would consider a Crosstrek, but I haven’t heard encouraging things about them and I’ve told her to be sure she takes it on a long test drive first because CVT. I’ve suggested a Buick Encore since it’s quite a bit shorter than the Outback. She doesn’t like the cheap-feeling interiors of Hyundai/Kia, although she said the brand new Santa Fe a recent Uber driver had was way better than she expected. I’m also showing her the Jeep Renegade which I suspect she’ll like (and I’ll tell her to make sure she gets lots of warranty).

Also, what should she know about Crosstreks? I don’t know much about them.

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