Did a little canvassing of local dealers today. Here’s what happened:

Started at Jag/Rover. They were slammed (I was shocked too) so the managers had the receptionist take my resume. But they did tell her to tell me to make sure I call on Monday to remind them. Being that they insist I follow up because they were too busy and might forget is refreshingly honest. Not counting it as a win but not counting them out yet.

Next was Infiniti. A much smaller dealer (only 5 sales people), but also one of two that I got to actually talk to a manager at. He seemed genuinely happy that I came to talk to him. My theory is that they’re trying to add another person anyway, and having someone with experience who actually want to be there would be much better than they could have otherwise hoped for. He’s talking to the GM to see what closing night they have to talk to me (since they respect that I have a 9-5 currently and are willing to give me a late interview).

Went to Mercedes next. The manager would not come see me and had the receptionist take my resume. However, there is was much more of a “don’t call us, we’ll call you” transaction. Also the vibe of the dealer was not a good one. Very stoic and joyless. Not at all like a car dealer Saturday should be. I don’t care what you sell, get the customers excited and you sell the car. I’m counting this one as DOA unless they prove otherwise to me.


Next I went to Subaru. Same joyless atmosphere as MB. And they’re not highline, so I’d be in a solemn vacuum 70 hours a week for $5k a month. Nope. Didn’t even leave my resume.

Finished up at BMW. They were slammed working end of day deals when I got there. The second place I actually got to talk to a manager. He seemed genuinely happy and emphatically assured me he would call to get something in the works on Monday. Prognosis: positive.


So there it is. Looks like I’m gonna have a big week ahead of me, and possibly some big decisions to make!